Hats & Headpieces

So I also make custom hats and headpieces for special occasions!

(please send an email to emmalarkindesign@outlook.com to enquire)

These occasions can range from weddings to music festivals.

Whatever the occasion, I'm sure a headpiece could compliment you.


This Black Lace Headpiece is available for purchase or hire.

Ailbhe Goulding was shortlisted with the Black Lace Headpiece in The Galway Races this year.


Big black and dramatic might not be for everyone so i also have a few smaller formal pieces that are available for commission.


This Cream Lace Petal Piece was a commissioned piece for a client for a wedding. 

Judy sent me a photo of her outfit and I designed this headpiece to go with it.

So if you have an outfit in mind but not an idea of a headpiece - get in touch ad we can work on something together!


Here are two other exapmles of pieces that were hired for The Galway Races 2019.


Ivory Net Headpiece (also available for purchase or hire)



Ivory Side Flower (also available for hire or purchase)


Now I love a good headpiece and think that it can really complete an outfit, especially at a FESTIVAL. 

This is a piece I made for myself when attending Love Sensation Festival in Dublin this Summer 

Unfortunately this particular one is not still on the go as I wasn't careful with it and did not come back from the festival looking the same.

Some other pieces I have made for clients for festivals include;

Fire Crown (Made to order - available for purchase)

Star Crown (Made to order - available for purchase)


Please gte in contact if you have any event coing up that you think a headpiece would suit the part - emmalarkindesign@outlook.com